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  • ALL payments must be made online with a credit card via our secure site. The system accepts Mastercard or Visa. 
  • Full payment of program fees must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of registration.  The system has been set up to automatically delete unpaid registrations after twenty-four (24) hours.   When a registration has been deleted due to non-payment, a system-generated email will be sent stating: รข€‹"This is a notification that the registration for (registrants first name and last initial) has been deleted due to non-payment on (date and time that registration was deleted).”
  • If you are requesting financial assistance for a program, you must contact Allison Lisbon, Director of Social Services, at either 203-222-2663 or alisbon@westonct.gov to inquire about eligibility for assistance prior to registering so your registration will not be deleted for non-payment. 
  • If you cancel your child’s registration prior to the start of a program, you will be charged a $25.00 administrative and processing fee.  PLEASE only register for programs that your child has an interest in attending as class sizes are limited.  Once a class begins we do not issue any refunds or credits.
Frequently asked questions
What if I get a message that my child’s registration has been deleted for non-payment, but I would still like to register him/her for the program?
You will need to re-register your child for the program and pay the tuition fee in full within 24 hours of registration.
What if I want to request financial aid to assist with program fees?
Please contact Allison Lisbon, Director of Social Services, at either 203-222-2663 or alisbon@westonct.gov to inquire about eligibility for assistance before registering your child for a program so we can adjust fees as necessary before the 24 hour registration/payment period.
What if I want to pay by check?
Unfortunately, our system no longer provides the ability to pay online by check.
What if I registered my child for one program, but then decided I wanted to register them for a different program instead?
The system will not allow you to delete a registration and will include the outstanding balance for any programs for which you have registered.  Please register your child for the alternate program online in order to secure a spot and contact Charlene Monn, Program Coordinator, at 203-222-2586 or  immediately so she can delete the program you no longer wish your child to be enrolled in and you can complete payment for the new program within twenty-four hours of your registration.
How can I register if I don’t have an account established with Weston Youth Services?
Unfortunately the system will not allow you to establish an account prior to the start of registration.  You will need to set up an account online once the registration system opens.  The system will ask for your email address and generate a temporary password which will then be emailed to you so you can proceed with registration.
What if I forgot my password?
You will see a prompt for “Forgot password” once you enter your email address.