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Spring 2022 Weston Youth Services
WOW! After-School Programs
Weston Intermediate  School (WIS)
Grades 3 thru 5
Weston’s One World After-School Programs
Weston Youth Services is pleased to offer IN-PERSON WOW! After-School programs for students in Grades 3-5 at Weston Intermediate School. Please note that enrollment is limited in order to keep class size small and classes will be filled on a first-come, first -served basis
Online registration will open on Wednesday, March 23rd at 10:01 a.m. If a program is full, you still may register and your child's name will automatically be placed on the wait-list (No payment is required at this time). If space does become available, you will be notified via email.
Important Note: If you do not have an account established with Weston Youth Services, you will need to set up an account online once the registration systems opens at 10:01 a.m. on Wednesday, March 23rd.  
The system will ask for your email address and generate a temporary password which will then be emailed to you so you can proceed with registration.
Please see each course listing for specific fees. ALL materials are included in class fee. Financial Aid is available; please contact Allison Lisbon, Director of Social Services, at 203-222-2663 if you would like to inquire about assistance.
  • ALL payments must be made online by credit card via our secure site.
  • Full payment of program fees must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of registration.  The system has been set up to automatically delete unpaid registrations after twenty-four (24) hours.   When a registration has been deleted due to non-payment, a system-generated email will be sent stating:
"This is a notification that the registration for (registrants first name and last initial) has been deleted due to non-payment on (date and time that registration was deleted).”
Once a class begins, we do not issue refunds or credits. If you cancel your child’s registration prior to the start date of a program, you will be charged a $25.00 administrative and processing fee.     
Program Dates:
Classes begin the week of April 18th and run through the week of May 23rd, unless indicated.
Class Length:
All classes are scheduled from 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted.  Please check individual programs for descriptions, grade eligibility, room assignments, start dates, and program end times.

Important information:
  1. Please be sure to log onto Dismissal Manager each week to record your child(ren)’s WOW! after-school activity. Please note that the system allows you to record your child’s activity for the entire session at one time and then make edits if, and when, necessary.  Please indicate if anyone other than yourself will be picking up your child at dismissal time. Additionally, given our unpredictable Weston weather, please indicate what your child’s dismissal plans are in the event of an unplanned after school activities cancelation.
  2. In the event of an early dismissal due to inclement weather or any other school emergency, all after-school programs will be canceled and the children will be sent home per school policy. In the event of a cancelation, we will send a reminder via email and also post this information on the Weston Youth Services website. If we are unable to contact you in the case of a last minute cancellation by an instructor, children will stay in the main office with the WOW! Supervisor until a parent arrives.  We will make every effort to make up missed classes due to cancelations.
  3. There is no nurse on duty after normal school hours. In the event of illness or emergency treatment, we will call 911 and then contact parents, or the emergency contact if necessary. If your child has any special medical needs, please contact Charlene Monn at 203-222-2586 prior to the start of the session.
  4. Weston Youth Services reserves the right to cancel a class due to lack of student enrollment. If insufficient enrollment causes an activity to be canceled, participants will receive a full refund.
  5. If a student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons or withdraws from the school or the program, the parent forfeits the entire program fee.
Health & Safety:
Please note that the pandemic may cause changes in our operations that are unpredictable. Our in-person WOW! after school programs will follow guidelines established by the Connecticut Department of Public Health, our local health district and the Weston Public School District.  We’ll continue to adjust our health and safety policies and procedures as updates become available. All classes will have health and safety supplies, including hand washing, where available. All pick-ups at the end of the program will occur outside.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlene Monn, Weston Youth Services Program Coordinator, at   or (203) 222-2586. 
Monday Programs
6-week session
April 18th – May 23rd
NEW! My First Food Truck ( 3rd thru 5th)
Minimum # of participants:  8 students
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee $ 132.00
Location:  Room # 117
Have you ever dreamed of starting your own food truck? Well, here’s your opportunity to do so! In this new program, students will select a food theme, choose an ideal location, identify target customers, design appealing menus, and form a comprehensive plan covering strategy, marketing, operations and finance, including capital-raising needs. Activities will include drafting mission statements, setting prices, estimating expenses and learning key financial metrics. This program offers a tasty way to develop business savvy!  Note: No food is handled in this program!
Spark Business Academy
Tuesday Programs
6 –week session
April 19th – May 24th
NEW: NASA’s Milky Way Mission (3rd thru 5th grade)
Minimum # of participants: 8 students
Maximum # of participants: 14 students
Fee:  $ 144.00
Location: Room # 118
Take one small step and one giant leap in this “phenomenal” NASA designed program. This unique journey of our Milky Way Galaxy will have students using new technology, equipment, and gear used by real astronauts! They will witness an engine powered rocket launch and create a comet made up of items just like the comets in space! Students will be engaging in hands-on experiments while gaining the basic knowledge of astronomy, engineering, and physics! Every student will receive a lab coat, goggles, and specially designed Mad Science Take Homes to help extend learning at home.
Mad Science of Fairfield and New Haven Counties- All Mad Science programs correlate with Connecticut’s Science curriculum and are NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) compliant.
Cartooning Plus! (3rd – 5th grade)
Maximum # of participants:  12 students
Fee: $ 132.00
Location: Art Room
This is Cartooning Plus! In this program, young artists will develop a cartoon character and create its comic book story. The class will follow the cartoon theme created by the students. During the session they will be designing and drawing while learning how to create dramatic illustrations. This program has been selling out in other towns and we’re happy to offer our own little Comic Con at WOW!
Before becoming a teacher, Paint, Draw & More’s Heather Bennett, founded “The Late Night Milk Run,” a 15-year-old online business specializing in hand-made sculptures (plush dolls) and prop designs. Her work has been featured in publications including ELLE, Glamour, Milk Magazine (France), and Linda Wonen (Holland). Her dolls and artwork have also been seen on TV shows such as HBO’s “Girls” and “Modern Family.”
NEW! Sew Together with Gabriela! (3rd thru 5th grade)
Maximum # of participants:  10 students
Fee: $ 126.00
Location:  Staff Room/Kitchen
She’s back this spring with Sew Together with Gabriela!, and we’re sooooo happy to have her return to our after school programs! Come learn something new and experience the relaxing qualities of sewing, finger knitting, crocheting, and much more with Gabriela! Spend some time with your friends, while making accessories to wear and creating pretty decorations for your home! What a great way to relax, while building concentration, gaining confidence with your projects, and having sooooooooo much fun!
Gabriela Low discovered her love of crafts as a child in the Swiss school system. Today she enjoys sewing, knitting, and needlework, and is especially pleased when she sees a child’s enthusiastic discovery of their own creativity. Many students know Ms. Low as a substitute teacher in the Weston schools.
Wednesday Programs
6-week session
April 20th – May 25th
Morning Chess (3rd thru 5th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee:  $ 90.00
Location:  Room # 217
Drop Off:  7:45 a.m.  In the event of a delayed opening, we will not hold class and will extend the program an additional week.
Start your day off right with chess!  We’re thrilled that Mr. Anderson is offering morning chess for students in Grades 3-5 this spring! Beginners and intermediate players will learn the rules, strategies and tactics of chess. So why not get up a little earlier and join the fun of the game!
Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Anderson worked as an actor touring the U.S., Canada, and Europe in shows such as CATS, West Side Story, and A Chorus Line.  When he is not at school, Mr. Anderson enjoys spending time with his wife, Tracy, and their two girls, Lily and Ella.  Mr. Anderson also loves to spend time outdoors hiking, camping, or fly fishing and hopes to one day thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. 
Baking with Gabriela! (3rd thru 5th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 10 students
Fee: $ 156.00
Location: Staff Room/Kitchen (next to music classrooms)
Note: This is a 1 ½ hour class; 3:15 - 4:45 p.m.
Gabriela Low returns to Baking with Gabriela! this spring. Students will learn how to bake like pros as we master the techniques for homemade breads, pies, scones, cookies, and cakes! Each week we'll learn a new baking skill from cutting butter into flour for pie crusts, kneading dough for sweet breads and buns, and much more!, We can’t guarantee that your child will save any of the delicious baked goods that they make during this very popular 1 ½ hour class! SPECIAL NOTE: Items used in this class may contain nuts or gluten or may be processed on shared equipment with nuts or gluten.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate individual dietary needs or restrictions.
Gabriela Low discovered her love of crafts as a child in the Swiss school system. Today she enjoys baking, sewing, knitting, and needlework, and is especially pleased when she sees a child’s enthusiastic discovery of their own creativity. Many students know Ms. Low as a substitute teacher in the Weston schools.
NEW! Bonjour mes Amis (3rd thru 5th grade)
Maximum # of participants:  8 students
Fee: $ 132.00
Location:  Room # 117 (Art Room)
Bonjour mes amis! Parlez-vous Fran├žais? Come learn the beauty of the French language and the charm of the French culture in this after school program!  Welcoming, creative, and enthusiastic, We’re thrilled to welcome Madame Sylvie this spring where she  will educate children about French language and culture through games and thematic projects - students will “visit” historic landmarks, engage in the beauty and work of French artists, and more! 
Sylvie Lobsenz is from Perpignan, France and is the Literakid founder and language coordinator. Sylvie has been teaching French and Spanish to children and adults for 15 years.
Thursday Programs
6-week session
April 21st thru May 26th
NEW! Kool Mandarin (3rd thru 5th grade)
Minimum # of participants: 6 students
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee: $ 132.00
Location: TBA
Learning another language could effectively boost students’ brains and mastering the
tones and characters in Mandarin Chinese sparks different parts of the brain! This Kool Mandarin immersion curriculum is custom-built for students of all backgrounds to effectively learn Mandarin in a fun way. Mandarin will be introduced through songs,
stories, games and hands-on activities. In addition to Chinese zodiac, Chinese calligraphy will be introduced, while exploring fun Chinese culture. Note: Every student will receive, 1 calligraphy brush, 1 rewritable water writing cloth at the end, and projects done in class to help extend learning!
 Lily Yeh is a native Mandarin speaker and a versatile scientist. She is the co-founder of the West Connecticut Mandarin Academy.  She also has been a certified RYT200 instructor since 2016, certified kids yoga instructor since 2020.
Games of Strategy (3rd thru 5th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 12 students                                            Cancelled
Fee: $ 126.00
Location: Room # 117 (Art Room)
Put down the video games, shut off your IPads and phones and join us for Games of Strategy. If you enjoy board games like Risk, Stratego, Monopoly and other favorites that involve strategy and concentration, you’ll love this class. We’ll go over tactics and stratagems that are involved with these games while playing them. Expand your critical thinking, increase creativity, and most of all… have lots of fun!