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 Weston Youth Services
Virtual Online Spring 2021 After School Programs​
Online Registration Opens Tuesday, March 23rd at 10:01 p.m.
Weston Youth Services is pleased to offer Spring WOW! after school programs for students in Grades K-8 beginning the week of April 19th. All programs are held through the Zoom app.
Please see guidelines for virtual conferencing at the end of this catalog.


Online registration will open on Tuesday, March 23rd at 10:01 p.m. If a program is full, you still may register and your child's name will automatically be placed on the wait-list (No payment is required at this time). If space does become available, you will be notified via email.

If you do not have an account established with Weston Youth Services, you will need to set up an account online once the registration systems opens at 10:01 p.m. on Tuesday, March 23rd  The system will ask for your email address and generate a temporary password which will then be emailed to you so you can proceed with registration.

Please see each course listing for specific fees.
Financial Aid is available; please contact Allison Lisbon, Director of Social Services, at 203-222-2663 if you would like to inquire about assistance.



  • ALL payments must be made online by credit card via our secure site.
  • Full payment of program fees must be made within twenty-four (24) hours of registration.  The system has been set up to automatically delete unpaid registrations after twenty-four (24) hours.   When a registration has been deleted due to non-payment, a system-generated email will be sent stating:

"This is a notification that the registration for (registrants first name and last initial) has been deleted due to non-payment on (date and time that registration was deleted).”


If you cancel your child’s registration prior to the day that a program begins, you will be charged a $25.00 administrative and processing fee. Once a class begins, we do not issue refunds or credits                     

Program Dates:
Classes begin the week of April 19th and run through the week of May 24th.

Class Length:

All WMS programs are scheduled to run from 4:30-5:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.

Please check individual programs for descriptions, grade eligibility, and cost.

Weston Youth Services reserves the right to cancel a class due to lack of student enrollment. If a student is dismissed for disciplinary reasons or withdraws from the program, the parent forfeits the entire program fee.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlene Monn, Weston Youth Services Program Coordinator, at   or (203) 222-2586.


Weston Middle School

All classes will be held from 4:30-5:30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.


Monday Programs
6-week session
April 19th – May 24th


Junior CEOs (5th- 8th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee: $ 120.00


How cool would it be for you to be the boss at Apple or Instagram for a day?  In this leadership program, you can!  Students act as CEOs for leading companies and work in groups to make strategic recommendations to address real business issues.  Case studies include popular companies (such as Apple, Tik Tok, Facebook/Instagram or Netflix) and examine the role of female and minority CEOs. Students enhance their problem-solving skills, develop business savvy, and cultivate a strategic mindset as future leaders.

Spark Business Academy


Tuesday Programs
6-week session
April 20th – May 25th


NEW! Finance Club (5th- 8th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee:  $ 120.00


Students internalize the benefits of doing well and of doing good. In Young Philanthropists, we’ll be reviewing a number of charities and discussing the merits of giving back.  Students will learn how prominent figures, like Bill Gates, leverage their success to make a difference in the world and serve as motivation and inspiration.  Students will collaborate in small teams to select a charity or issue they feel passionate about and come up with practical ways they can support that cause (including raising awareness, volunteering and fundraising), then create their own foundation!

Spark Business Academy



Wednesday Programs
6-week session
April 21st – May 26th



Baking with Gabriela! (3rd – 6th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 10 students
Fee: $ 126.00


Surprise your family with a homemade treat that you baked in your kitchen! We’ll bake virtually together and You’ll be your own chef, ready with the recipe, cookware, and ingredients. Gabriela will stand by and guide you through the different baking steps and answering questions, while you and your friends mix, measure, and prep. The recipes in this 60-minute online class may include yeast-based bread and pizzas, muffins, and cakes. See you in the kitchen with all new recipes!

Gabriela Low


Thursday Programs
6-week session
April 22nd – May 27th


NEW! Aspiring Fashionistas (5th – 8th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee: $ 120.00


In this “glam” program for boys and girls, students will gain knowledge of the fashion industry and develop skills in sketching, branding, marketing, fashion journalism, and design. Students will explore popular brands, analyze industry trends (e.g., athleisure), design various articles of clothing, define their own brand and more! 

Spark Business Academy


NEW! Meet the Artist: An Introduction to Fine & Contemporary Artists & their work (6th-8th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 10 students
Fee: $ 120.00

Join Christine Walder, Artist Representative and Producer for an introduction to Contemporary Art. In this highly interactive class we will review principles, influences and materials in fine art, and visit artist's studios and museums virtually. Students will explore form, color, medium, process, and the inspiration and vision of the artist. We will speak to artists, while viewing their work and consider all aspects of the artistic representation. 

Students are encouraged to sketch or take notes to process what they learn or visualize their inspirations, so have a notebook with plain paper and a writing or sketching tool available for the class. 

Christine Walder
NEW! Journey thru History (6th- 8th grade)
Maximum # of participants: 12 students
Fee: $ 114.00
Note: This is an evening class and meets from 7:00-8:00p.m.

Join Coach Dan Starbuck Pelletier as he takes you through history. The class is conversation based so students have the chance to speak their mind and bring information to the table. Coach Dan will guide them through different periods in time. The class will try to figure out why people did things the way they did while looking for similarities between periods. History tends to repeat itself so understanding history will help any young person make stronger strategic decisions. This class is tailored toward middle school aged students.

Dan Starbuck Pelletier
Guidelines for Virtual Conferencing
  • For Instructors
    • Instructors will create an invitation, with link, that will be sent to Weston Youth Services and then forwarded to parents.
    • A password will be created for entry to class.
    • Instructors will enable the waiting room feature. This offers a message to students who arrive early that they are in the right place and the instructor will arrive soon. The instructor then admits the students at class start time.
    • Instructors will choose the option to mute participants upon entry. This will ensure that students are not chatting before there is an adult supervising.
    • Instructors can mute a student or class if they are too disruptive when they are talking.
    • Instructors will not record the session.
    • Instructors will not take any screenshots during the session.
    • Instructors will not enable the chat feature between them and/or the students.


  •  For parents and students: Here are the steps WYS WOW! Program is taking to ensure student      comfort and safety:
    • Our WOW! instructors are background checked and known to us from previous WOW! after school programs.
    • Classes are setup so that audio is muted and video is off until the instructor is present in the video class. Once the Instructor turns on the video and audio, students will be seen and heard by the instructor and other students/unless parents or students choose to turn off their individual audio or video at any time.
    • The email link to enter the video class will be sent to the parents’ email provided at registration. We encourage parents to be with the child when they enter the class, but they are not required to stay in the video for the class.
    • The classes will be set up with a password and there will be a ding sound when a new participant enters the class. The instructor will carefully monitor participant count so that no unauthorized participants are in the class.
    • As noted above, the instructors will mute audio, turn off video or even disconnect a student from the class if they deem it necessary.
    • Parents and/or students will not record the session.
    • Parents and/or students will not take any screenshots during the session.
    • Parents should be mindful where your child is sitting and its background setting during the virtual meeting.



During the registration process, parents will be asked to check off a box indicating that they have read and agree to the following:

Video Conferencing Class Permissions


I give permission for my child to participate in Weston Youth Service WOW! Enrichment courses via video conference platform (Zoom) while enrolled in the Winter 2021 session. I understand that:

  • My child’s WOW! Program instructor will be leading the video conference class.
  • Students will be visible to other participants in the video call.
  • Students will be able to ask/answer questions during the video call.
  •  Students and/or parents will have the ability to turn off their individual audio or video at any time during the class.
  •  Classes will NOT be recorded by the instructor or Weston Youth Services. Students and parents agree they will NOT video or record the classes.
  • Instructors, Weston Youth Services, students, and parents agree they will NOT snapshot any pictures of the session.
  • The instructor retains the right to mute or turn off any participant’s video, or disconnect a child from the program at any time if they deem it necessary.
  • This registration is individual to each registered child. (If someone else is interested in participating in the class please refer them to our website for registration, or have them contact Charlene Monn,  )


DISCLAIMER: This is an evolving situation and our current plan. We appreciate your flexibility and look forward to having your children be part of our WOW! Programs.